What is Metamask Snaps?

Metamask Snaps is a platform by Metamask that allows developers to expand Metamask's functionality to non EVM ecosystems by integrating their APIs. Using code snippets, developers can build and plug their extensions directly into Metamask.

Why should Cosmos dApps be interested in Metamask Snaps?

Metamask today has ~20 Mn users. This is 20 times the number of wallets on Cosmos (Leap + Keplr). With Metamask Snaps, a Metamask user will be able to create wallets on different blockchains by just installing a Snap (think snaps for Phantom, Leap Wallet, etc.) with the exact same seed phrase on Metamask. This could potentially boost Cosmos adoption and attract a new user base to Cosmos chains and dApps.

This is how a transaction with Metamask Snaps on a Cosmos dApp would look like:


How can I test Metamask Snaps?

Our live Snaps demo allows you to:

  1. Test Leap Snaps using an existing or new wallet.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the user flow.
  3. Execute real transactions.

<aside> 📌 For a detailed guide visit:

Leap Snaps Demo : Step-by-Step Guide

Leap Snaps Demo : Osmosis Fork


How can I integrate Snaps into my dApp?

<aside> 🤖 For Integration details, visit - https://docs.leapwallet.io/cosmos/leap-metamask-snap/introduction


For integration assistance, contact: https://t.me/anandvardhanmishra

What else do I need to integrate Snaps?