Leap is the all-in-one super wallet for Cosmos, offering in-wallet transfers, staking, swaps, dApp browser, and more. Supports 50+ Cosmos chains & trusted by 300k+ cosmonauts.

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👇This page provides guides and educational resources to assist you in navigating the world of Web3 and the Interchain.

For any queries, feel free to contact us on our website at www.leapwallet.io or send us a direct message on Twitter: @leap_cosmos.

Getting started with Leap:

Create/Import your wallet

Set up a Leap Wallet

Finding Leap Wallet on your browser

Import your existing Keplr wallet into Leap

Import your wallet using secret/seed phrase

Import your wallet using a Private Key

Use Leap on smartphone/Mobile device

Use Leap Wallet on multiple devices

Import Keplr Wallet into Leap Wallet iOS/Android Mobile App

Use Leap Wallet for other cryptocurrencies besides the one it was designed for

Check the latest version of the Leap Wallet

Connect to Leap using Ledger

Importing Multiple Wallets

Get secured with Leap

Protect your Leap wallet

Private key & its use

Create a secure password

Forgot Password

Revoke permissions- Disconnect the sites/ Dapp connections

Lock my Leap Cosmos Wallet

Enable the auto-lock feature

Hide asset balances

Hide small tokens (Baln. < $0.01)

Is Leap Open Source?

Is Leap Wallet Audited?

How to use Leap:

Common Troubleshooting FAQs

Revoke permissions- Disconnect the sites/ Dapp connections

Withdraw assets from Leap Wallet and send to Centralized Exchange

Multiple Wallets on Leapboard

Manage LSM permissions with Cosmos Rescue

Importing Multiple Wallets

Details to provide for troubleshooting issue

Troubleshooting Guide for Swaps Issue

Importance of Memo for Centralized Exchange transfers

Token not supported for Swapping

Customer support team for help with my Leap Wallet

Update my Leap Wallet to the latest version

Troubleshoot issues with my LEAP wallet

Connecting more than 5 Ledger wallets to Leap

Share Wallet QR code

Deposit assets on Leap Wallet from Centralized Exchange

Customize your experience

Manage chains

Check Leap Wallet form factor version

Expand View

Change Wallet name

Change RPC endpoints

Change quote currency in Leap Wallet

Add Custom Chains

Bookmark dApps on Leap mobile browser

Change theme (Dark/Light)

Save addresses for future use

Use Leap Wallet on different OS

Add multiple wallets to Leap

Send, Stake and Swap

Send & receive Cosmos tokens

In-wallet staking

Unstake your assets

Redelegating your assets

Earn rewards with Staking

Cross-chain swaps/Bridge

Buy/Purchase/Acquire Cosmos tokens

Swap Cosmos tokens

Connect Leap to dApps/Dexes

Make IBC transfer

CEX Transfers

Deposit assets on Leap Wallet from Centralized Exchange

Withdraw assets from Leap Wallet and send to Centralized Exchange

Importance of Memo for Centralized Exchange transfers

Receive funds

Send funds

Use traditional payment methods to buy Cosmos

Portfolio, Tokens, Gas Fees, and Txns

Check your Cosmos Portfolio - Token balances, Staking balances, Specific chain balances and more

Add tokens to Leap Wallet/Custom tokens

Customize Txn gas fees

View wallet balance and txn history

View wallet activity

Check current price of Cosmos Tokens

Process to get testnet tokens

Websites to get funds for gas on mainnet/testnet for gas

Switch to testnet


Know latest governance proposals in the Cosmos ecosystem

Vote on governance proposals using Leap wallet

Dapp Connections

Cosmos Dapps supporting Leap

Using Cosmos Dapps on Leap mobile apps

Bookmark your Favourite Dapps on Dapp browser

Backup your wallet

Find seed phrase/private key

Seed phrases for multiple wallets


View your NFTs

Set NFTs as Wallet PFP

Add an NFT to favorites